Hackney Children's Art School

Hackney Children’s Art School is a social enterprise based in Hackney, London and we’re on a mission to get more art to more children by raising a creative collective of children, teachers and artists to promote children’s art in Hackney and it’s schools. Founded in 2011 by artists and sisters Kate and Ali Hodgson, we aim to connect the creative educational needs of children to the skills of practicing artists, and to also provide lesson plans and opportunities to help primary school teachers. We believe helping to empower children to use their inbuilt creative abilities is beneficial to all, plus it’s fun!

As a fellow co-founder, I have mostly been involved with communications development for Hackney Children’s Art School, including the website and the development of products created using the children’s work that help fund the school, pay for materials and artist’s time, and empower the children to become entrepreneurs with their own work. Some of these products have included prints, cards, badges and tote bags.

You can follow us and our journey at our website at: hackneychildrensartschool.org

“The urge to draw must be quite deep within us, because children love to do it.”
- David Hockney