Endgame is an exploration into the effects that visual communication can have on the social challenges produced by climate change and energy decent. How can people from different backgrounds understand and define climate change? This project investigates public response. The results are communication tools that allow people to explore the issues collectively.

This project was part of a final body of work that represented my final Masters project at the Royal College of Art. It was also awarded the Design for our Future Selves award for Inclusive Communication by the Helen Hamyln Center and Big Idea.

Endgame is a board game that encourages players to explore aspects of collaboration and competition in a post oil scenario, within the ‘safe’ context of role-play. The game is also designed to allow players to make choices about their actions and to run the risk of facing the consequences for them. The work is focused around the use of drawing and narrative design in humanising information and participation as a means to challenge mindsets.

An interactive comic book was created to document the development of Endgame, and some of the inclusive design problems the project came up against. It also explores the relationship between complexity and visual communication within the context of peak oil.

The judges of the Design for Our Future Selves had this to say on the project: “This student tackles the extremely politicised issue of climate change in way that is inviting, honest and elegant. A genuine mixture of passion and warm obsession. High social awareness is combined with an innovative strategy and clever visual communication.”